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Units #3, #4, #5                                                   E-Mail:
Ft. Walton Beach, FL 32547                                      Websites:
* New location - see below

     Handcrafted Custom Indoor & Outdoor Cypress Furniture

Although most of my furniture is made from Cypress, I also make products using Cedar, Pecky Cypress and Pecky Cedar (see Best Southern Bars Collection) and recycled wood / metal / furniture.

If coming to my showroom / workshop, please call ahead of time to make sure that I am there (especially if coming from out of town).  Since I am a one-man-show, I could be at a customer's house making a delivery, searching local (Panama City, Destin, Niceville, Crestview, Gulf Breeze, Milton, Pensacola) antique, recycle and consignment stores for items for a customer's order and even mowing my yard.  And I can make quick short notice appointments 7-days-a-week all the time.

                      (850) 496-5507 CST     Please no phone calls past 6:30 pm

November 23, 2012 ... Today I launched a second website to expand my products.

                          Go to .....  www.CoolCottage.Net
This new website includes unique and clever ways to re-use many vintage products including red wagons, soda crates, dresser drawers & furniture.  See pictures below.

November - 2012 - New Product ... Flying Bed ... outdoor swing / mattress size!

     Image having a custom outdoor suspended bed (with chains or rope) on your porch to relax, read a book, visit with family & friends and the best part ... taking a nap.  Scroll down to see pictures at the bottom of this page.


October - 2012 - New Product ... Unique Vintage Party Bar Made From Two Items
       Combining A Singer Sewing Machine Base and a Red Radio Flyer Wagon
  Just look at the faces of your family & friends when you roll this out filled with iced cold beverages.

Do you have a Singer Sewing machine base or red wagon?  I can do this for your too!

  Let the party begin!   Just added a new official Radio Flyer umbrella.


Made By Hand, Created For You, Built To Last

                                Proudly Made In The USA

2014 custom cypress Surfboard chairs for a local restaurant

Leather saddle brown stain and custom paint colors.

Two surfboard chairs with different shark bites in each chair.

Catch a nap in the late afternoon in a backyard surfboard chair

Newest table design - August 2014

Extra-Large Buffet Table or bar design.
Goes well with tall deck chairs and tall ottomans.
28" wide x 52" long x 34" high
Can be customized to size and staining or paint.

The 2014 college football season has arrived ... and in fashion as shown above.  Celebrate before & after the game in cool chairs.

Two "Choctaw Bay Collection" chairs and ottomans
in a local church pumpkin garden.

Above & below Pictures ..... Dresser Drawer Pet Beds,
Portable Mini-Bars, Multi-Use designs.  the top drawer
includes stenciled word BAR on both ends and vintage
door handles from a New Orleans recycle center on
the front face.  Bottom drawer has two rustic handles
that are Fleur-de-lis.  Go Saints ...

Rustic Coca-Cola soda crate.  I removed the broken dividers, cleaned the insides and painted to match the outside.
Hang on the wall with your favorite collection.


   One of my original chair designs, these two were six year old and needing some TLC.  After some light sanding, minor repair, & a new coat of gray stain, these chairs were ready for another six years of resting and napping.  I also added AUBURN and TIGERS to the front for these Auburn football fans.  Together with their matching tall table, this is an impressive and comfortable place to spend for the morning coffee or evening watching the sunset.

August - 2014 ...  A "pickled" stain appearance.  These two cypress tall chairs (with high backs) and tall ottomans / stools are my latest completed order.  I used a light coat of gray stain so you could see the wood grain thru the stain.  Going to look great on a dock overlooking the Choctawhatchee Bay.  These chairs each weigh 58 pounds so they aren't moving in a storm.

Two short chairs showing the comparison of the taller back design and the regular back design on unfinished chairs.

Short "Choctaw Bay" Collection chair with taller back design.

Red Wagon coffee table design.

March 2013 - I am currently working on two additional Red Radio Flyer Wagons (one large - 34" & weighs 10 pounds and one small - 20" & weighs about 2-3 pounds) to be mounted on a wall in your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or wherever. They still show their age with limited rust.  I have removed the wheels and handles and added shelves so your can add small pictures, a personal collection of ...... (?) for a cool look in any room.   This is a small wagon with lots of Saints fleur-di-lis logos and bling.

                                      Shown below are examples of my popular furniture designs.
                                           Go to that page collection for more examples.

                 Note:  I have recently changed my stain products to Benjamin Moore "Arborcoat".  See more info. below.

 Destin Harbor Collection
Fully Painted White - looks great!!!
  See "over the rail" & "Look Cool"
   Destin Harbor Collection
  - "Stands Out & Very Comfortable"
   Destin Harbor Collection
Surfboard Chair - Painted surfboards 

 "Cool Designs" - Custom Paint Orders
 Destin Harbor Collection
Tall Large Oval Table & Tall Stools
These stools are also Tall Ottomans
   Destin Harbor Collection
Tall Large Oval Table & Tall Stools
The stools are also Tall Ottomans
   Destin Harbor Collection
Tall Small Oval Table & Tall Stool
Includes wine table design in bottom
 Choctaw Bay Collection
Dolphin Chairs & Ottomans
   Choctaw Bay Collection
2 Chairs, 2 Ottomans, 1 Side Table and 1 Coffee Table
   Choctaw Bay Collection
2 Chairs on a Florida Beach
Very beachy color - see the wood grain
 Go Green Collection
Table made from recyled boat house wood - looks great inside or outside
   Best Southern Bars - Unique table with weathered window frame in back - two shelves - use as bar, buffet table ...  

 Picture Gallery #1 -- Surfboard made from cedar bevil moody siding - stained with unique cutouts & metal backgrounds - 3 sizes (18" to 36")

 Best Southern Bars and
 Picture Gallery #2
New Pecky Cypress bar design - Dark Oak stain - use as an outdoor bar, buffet table, grill table - 3.5" wide boards - vertical on front face - many choices for top - can be customized for length, width, height.  This bar has recycled tin roofing inserts on 2 sides.
   Best Southern Bars and
 Picture Gallery #2
New Pecky Cypress bar design - 3 coats of cetol 1 (Cedar color) - 4.5" wide boards are attached horizontally on front side - many choices for top -
can be custom designed - you can add rustic metal roofing for sides (or front). You can own a unique custom bar that can also be used as a buffet table.
   Best Southern Bars and
Picture Gallery #2
New Pecky Cypress bar design
Juniper top - These table are heavy due to framing wood. I can add tin, wheels, dolly, shelves - see samples   Future designs include double-tiered tops & various cut-outs attached to the front (Fleur-Di-Lis, state outline ...)  
 The "Big Easy" Model Bar    The "Big Dog" Model Bar   The "Cajun" Model Bar
    Featuring Pecky Cedar       Pecky Cedar stained Dark Oak      Featuring weathered rusty metal 

March 7-8, 2014 ..... Rosemary Beach, Florida ... West Indies Market ... Saturday & Sunday ... 10:00 am - 4:00 pm
April 12-13, 2014 .... Rosemary Beach, Florida ... West Indies Market ... Saturday & Sunday ... 10:00 am - 4:00 pm
   April 19, 2014 ...... Fort Walton Beach, Florida ... Wandering Market ... FWB Fairgrounds ... Saturday ... 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Current Price Sheet ... For a current price sheet, use the contact form, e-mail or call.
                                     I can e-mail you a color price sheet for the chairs, tables and ottomans.  
                                      For other items please let me know what additional products you may be interested in purchasing.

                                                             Please no phone calls past 6:30 pm central time zone.

    I have uploaded several of my banners that I use at shows and in my
shop.  Two other banners are at the bottom of this page and the other banners
are on the bottom of "Picture Gallery #2.  Hope you like my pictures and my
         ideas on marketing my products. Comments are appreciated.

Hope you like the picture of my new "iCan" phone above - still trying to find out how to text without any keys.
               No monthly bills and long distance calls are limited (to the length of the string).

IN THE NEWS ... check this out from a recent interview (Feb. 21, 2012) ...

NEW - PINTEREST ON MY WEBSITE  ... I am trying to make PINTEREST available to you so you can add any of my products to your Pinterest boards (April 15, 2012). 

 Follow Me on Pinterest button

Custom Orders ... Although most of my basic chair designs look the same, I frequently make changes due to body size, age, physical limitations (due to accidents - bad backs, etc.) and other preferences (switching cup holder to left arm, no cup holder, lowering/raising foot rests on tall chairs for shorter/taller customers just to name a few.  There is no charge for these design changes.

I also can make changes on my table designs - new buffet table pictures coming out soon using PECKY CYPRESS and PECKY CEDAR.  Also an outside TV table for the porch using all CEDAR.  Pictures showing pecky cypress bars (or buffet table or or potting table or sink cabinet or you name it) have already been added on "Best Southern Bars" page and "Picture Gallery #2".

For small retail store owners, use my products as display counters or display tables.  See my paragraph on "Best Bars" page.


New 2012 designs already in use ... On my last five chair and table orders, I have already implemented some new designs for looks and strength.  For both chairs and tables, I am using more 2 x 6 support braces, longer screws, more overlapping boards and additional screws in each chair seat back (4 instead of 2). The tall chairs weigh about 52# & the short chairs weigh about 42#.
BENJAMIN MOORE STAINS (Arborcoat) AND PAINT PRODUCTS ...  Living in Florida, I have found thru trials that oil base stains take a very long time to dry and cure due to the high humidity.  With three coats required for my previous stains at 10+ days drying time per coat, I had a lot of furniture pieces completed but could not deliver them in a timely manner.  Starting in 2012, I started using Benjamin Moore water-based stains and have been very impressed with their durability and good looks.  I had already been using BM paints and primers so it was an easy switch. I now use ARBORCOAT stains and clear coat and have been receiving good reviews from customers.  If you want to see colors, visit your local Benjamin Moore store for an Arborcoat catalog. 

Shipping Update ...  For nationwide shipping, I use UNISHIPPERS.   I personally wrap and package each furniture piece and have custom double walled boxes designed specifically for my furniture.  Boxes are attached to new thick cardboard pallets for shipping.  These pallets weigh 11 pounds each and will handle 1700 pounds.  You can cut them up and throw away easily.  Most garbage companies will not pick up wood pallets due to sharp nails, cracked wood, splinters and their heavy weights (varies up to 35 pounds or more).  Boxes are shipped on reliable 18-wheel truck lines.  They usually do not deliver on weekends or holidays.

Shipping customers get a double bonus.  The heavy duty corrugated pallet and boxes can be re-used.  Put the pallet in the garage (or basement) with a sheet of plywood on top.  It is supposed to handle about 1700 pounds - place things you don't want on the cold winter concrete floor.  The double walled boxes "telescope" so there are two boxes in one.  Instead of cutting up these heavy duty boxes, you can make a kid's fort, a castle or even keep athletic equipment (footballs, basketballs, soccer balls) in a really big box.  This is the "double bonus" you didn't know was part of shipping.  "What are your plans for your boxes?" 

                               For more shipping information, contact me or go to

I personally deliver within 150 miles and/or you can pickup at my shop.  Delivery charges are based on quantity and distance.


                        Now is the time to place an order to be delivered in the late fall or early 2015.

For those of you who are currently building a new deck, re-doing the backyard, building a pool or house and are looking for quality outdoor furniture, now is the time to contact me.  As two recent customers told me who have followed my furniture business grow both at previous Florida shows and on my website, "We just wanted to get "in the line" for a future order even though we weren't sure what our final order was going to be."

Visiting my workshop ...Most people like to see the construction process so they know what they are getting from the "bones" of each piece.  When they see this process, they know what they are getting and that it is built well and will last longer much longer than what they can get in the big box stores that are ready to go home with them today but will break or wobble under heavy use.

In the past five years, I have done as many as 8 to 10 shows in a year.  Due to the increased number of orders every year, I cut back shows and stayed home just to build orders.   Two years ago I had 100 potential orders in just four show days (at Rosemary Beach, FL) but did not ship at that time.  It took me a year to get my shipping in order & I now have been shipping nationwide.  Last year, I attended only four shows and this year I am signed up for only two (since I now get daily walk-in customers to my showroom).  And many thanks to past customers who have placed re-orders.

Payments & Deposits ... The normal payment is 50% deposit at the time of order & final payment at my delivery or before shipping.  I do accept credit cards (VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVERY & AMERICAN EXPRESS) over the phone and in person.  There are two discounts other than credit cards:   for checks / cash  AND  for multiple piece orders.   I DO NOT have a PAYPAL account for payments.



(5/12/12)   "I want to order four more tall chairs for my beach house.  Our four tall chairs (Destin Harbor Collection) around the firepit are everyone's favorite when we sit outside."     Alabama resident and Seacrest Beach homeowner (30-A)

(5/13/12)    "Everything is just so well thought out ... the handles built into the footstools/ottomans, the drink holders in the chair arm and the tops of the umbrella tables, the wine table option, the longer chair arms for getting in and out, the slight angle of the arm rests to make it more relaxing ... & I can't believe how comfortable they are - definitely not your traditional adirondack chair from the past where you can't get out of the 'ski slope' seat without a lot of wiggling."    "These chairs are the first ones I've seen in a long time that are really well built ..... great job."

"These new bar designs (Bayou Models) could be used as a combination bar, buffet table or even a porch table and each one is a showpiece.   I like them all.  I want to take one home today."  "I've never seen pecky cypress or pecky cedar before - just beautiful wood combined with your stains.  Your designs are very eye catching and unique. Keep up the good work." Customers comments from (May, 2012) Rosemary Beach show

"I purchased four chairs (Choctaw Bay Collection), two ottomans & two side tables.  I am totally satisfied with each piece.  All are solid, well engineered and functional and the chairs are the most comfortable I've tried anywhere.  Also, I love the look & feel of solid cypress construction.  Nothing is better.  Jim has a great product ..... period!     David, Mary Esther, Florida

"I ended up getting 2 sets for my pool/backyard area.  People just love them!  They are beautiful, so comfortable, and of the highest quality.  I know they will be a part of my family and fun times for a LONG time!"
Kim, Ft. Walton Beach, Florida

You won't find my furniture in the big box chain stores.  You can't order it from a kit or from any stores or outlet chains.

All of my furniture is made by hand, using only quality material:  real wood, native to the Gulf Coast area; weather resistant hardware, and top rated exterior stains and paints.  I special order the wood directly from the lumber mill, and then cut the pieces myself:  5/4" thick (#1 Grade) cypress for the chair backs, arm rests, and seat; 2 x 4 and 2 x 6 (#1 Grade) cypress for the legs and braces.

I use marine-quality stainless steel hardware (#316) in key, strategic positions for surfaces that are exposed to the salt air.  Visible screw holes are countersunk and pegged using premium waterproof glue.  I also use Sikkens brand translucent stains for their durability and weather resistant quality.

"I love my new podium!  It has so much room for all the "stuff" I need each day.  I am finding that I do not misplace papers like I used to or track down a pen because they're at hand.  You do beautiful work. Thanks again.   Teacher, Ft. Walton Beach, Florida

"Your chairs are so comfortable."  "I didn't come to the festival expecting to see such outstanding furniture."
"I can't believe how good looking your furniture is."  "Just beautiful."  "Great Job." 
General comments (from the recent 2009 Niceville Mid-Bay Rotary Oktoberfest Festival)

Those are some of the comments that I keep hearing over and over from people.  There's a reason for that.  I grew up in the heart of New York's Hudson River Valley, and was familiar with the Adirondack-style chairs.

Adirondack chairs may look great but they are usually hard to get out of and are just not comfortable after sitting for a long time.  So I've modified the original chair design by raising the rear of the seat to avoid those problems.  I also have lengthened the arms for more leverage when getting up.  The backs and seats parts are curved for maximum comfort for long time sitting. 

"People definitely notice how comfortable they are in under 4 seconds."  Jim Kane

One of my customers had back & leg problems for years.  She sat in one of my tall chairs and asked that I shorten one of the arms so that she could easily slip into and out of the her chair from an angle.  She later called me to let me know the tall chair was so comfortable that she had it moved into her TV room.

My designs always catch the eye when I drive down the road, delivering an order or on the way to a local festival.  I frequently have people "slingshot" when they come by my trailer on the way to a delivery.  By that term, I mean people come up to my trailer, pull along side, then slow down and get behind me for another view.  The camera/phones come out when they pull along side my trailer for one last look and the final thumbs up when they pass me.  I have given out quotes on the phone (and even at red lights) as people call my cell phone (shown on my truck) while I am driving down the road - a virtual rolling billboard when I have a chair in my truck. 

I invite you to explore my website to see the unique variety of designs available to you.  For more information, or to order your own custom-made, handcrafted furniture, please complete the Contact Form located on my website or call me at (850) 496-5507.  I look forward to hearing from you.

  My furniture can be found in homes all along the Gulf Coast and across the country.

i     Posted on July 7, 2010
                Tall Bar Table - Part of the "Go Green Collection"
                          Made from recycled boathouse wood.

  "Destin Harbor Collection" -  tall deck chairs
Four tall stained chairs with IPE foot rests.  These look great around a
 fire pit, on the back deck, near the grill, on the beach or on the porch.

     Posted on Aug. 4, 2011

  Tall surfboard chair.    Surfboards can now be painted on both sides or
Stained and painted like the surfboard on the right.

About Cool Chairs and Designer - Builder Jim Kane

The idea behind Cool Chairs is simple: offer comfortable furniture designed for making the most of life in beautiful settings like the Gulf Coast. Cool Chairs furniture is designed for people who like to linger in the evenings, watching the sun set, or hanging out with friends and family on any occasion. More and more, people tell me that they prefer "stay vacations" (stay at home vacations) over the stress and expense of travel. After all, if you live in paradise, why not make the most of it?

Cool Chairs has participated in a variety of local festivals and shows including the Rosemary Beach, FL "West Indies Market" & "Harvest Market", Navarre Arts Festival, Pensacola Northwest Florida Art Show, the Ft. Walton Beach 'Billy Bowlegs Festival,' the St. Simon's Arts & Crafts festival, the Mid-Bay Rotary Club 'Oktoberfest Festival,' Valparaiso 'Saturday in the Park' and the 'Palafox Market' in downtown Pensacola.   Since moving into my showroom / warehouse, I now have daily visits from friends & customers, 7 days-a-week.  The Rosemary Beach "West Indies Market" was voted into the top 100 shows in the entire United States.

Jim Kane is a retired teacher who grew up in Rhinebeck, New York and originally went to college to study architecture.  He is a former college soccer player (Jacksonville University - Captain, MVP, Hall of Fame, All Decade Team, 2 Olympic tryouts - making the national final 44 for one final tryout in St. Louis).  He was also selected in the first-ever professional - college draft for the NASL (North American Soccer League) as the 9th overall pick nationally.  A USSF 'A' licensed coach, Jim has been a successful coach at both the high school and collegiate Division I levels.  He was the Florida ODP State Coach in 1978-1980. 

Locally he is a 2003 USAF "Honorary Commander' for the 33rd Fighter Wing (F-15) at Eglin Air Force Base.  This included an incentive flight in an F-15 (an almost vertical take-off and upside down for part of the flight) over Okaloosa County and the beautiful Gulf of Mexico (looking for sharks).   Also, believe me when I say "back-to-back-to-back barrel rows are not fun especially when you weren't ready for them.  I even got to fly it until we were in the wrong air space and had to make a 9 G turn.  That is not a good feeling!   We were finally landing and the pilot faked me out with a 'touch and go landing' where we took off again -  Just showing off he said.

   Adirondack chairs - painted teal color
 One of my earlier chair designs.  This is my front steps -  find the pig.

      I had a featured picture in the 2010 October issue of Cabin Life.
        Great write up along with a picture of a tall chair & ottoman
      and lots of contacts nationwide.  Had my first shipping order to
      Wisconsin because of this article.   Great magazine.  To see
                       more, go to

H.G. Wells's "The Time Machine" (1960) is still one of my favorite movies.

I took this picture out the side window going West about 50 MPH over the Mississippi River bridge from historic Natchez, Mississippi.  Natchez is a great place to visit for Hot Air Balloon Races, good food and beautiful views of the Mississippi river.  I made this banner black & white to look like an old photograph.  The picture of the riverboat may be a little fuzzy but I think that adds to the overall look.

       Posted on July 25, 2012
Custom rounded coffee table / bench with "Wake Forest" logo painted top.
Center three boards are flat & outside two boards slope down on both sides
for sitting on either side.

     Posted on July 25, 2012
Custom table w/ "Wake Forest" made from cypress - use it inside or outside.
The dimensions are 36" long, 22.5" wide and 18" high and weighs 40 pounds.

        Posted on July 25, 2012
Custom entryway table made from cypress and "pecky cypress" 2" thick top.
I left rustic saw blade marks on the edges for the top.  A 3/8" thick pieces
of glass will cover the top for family photo collection.  See pictures below.

     Posted on July 25, 2012
Close-up picture of the pecky cypress top showing the terrific character of each piece.

     Posted on July 25, 2012
This unique table is 60" long, 19.5" wide, 30" and looks just fantastic.
              More pictures to follow (with the glass top included).

This is a picture of the pecky cypress hall table in the new Florida house.  I did not install the glass top yet
so you could clearly see the pecky cavities in the table top that add additional character to this entrance way. 
I can already visualize the glass top & assorted family photographs welcoming you inside this fantastic home.

New Custom Project - Flying Bed - Also known as Porch Beds

..... from "under construction" to "finished" to "delivered"

  New Product Line - Flying Bed (swing with mattress)
Shows the heavy duty framework construction for this custom project.       These beds are bulit solid and weigh 60# (or more).
It is made from cypress 2 x 6's and marine grade #316 stainless steel.
The top boards and backrests are made from 5/4" cypress for strength.
This bed will be 32" wide and 92" long. The mattress will be 32" x 70".

                      This shows the initial design of the deck top
 (made from 5/4 cypress) and back supports (made from 2 x 4 cypress).
You can see how the top boards get wider as you go out from the center.

 Hanging swing (Flying Bed) design almost completed

     Each corner will have a 6" stainless steel fully welded circle eye bolt and hardware (marine grade #316) each capable of holding 1000# and three custom shaped corbels on the front side.  Almost 200 stainless steel screws and bolts make this a super strong swing.  All screws are pegged with glued cypress plugs to further make this swing long lasting and good looking. The right end does not have a backside so you can place a tray of food & drinks for an relaxing place for some conversation, a nap or for reading a real book (or from your Kindle) on the porch.

This design can be tweaked or completely redesigned to meet your location and available space.  Change the stain color, have it painted or I can use milk paint to make it match some of your current furniture.  Or let me design all of your entire porch furniture.  Leave it to Jim. 

        Finished and waiting for stain
Now you can notice the three custom corbels on the front to support the
overhanging front top board.  This "Flying Bed" was custom designed to
fit a favorite porch of a beautiful Florida home near the Gulf of Mexico.

        Picture shows the left end of the "Flying Bed"

The color is "Spanish Moss" from Benjamin Moore.  You can also see the heavy duty #316 marine grade complete circle eye hook & matching #316 grade quick-links for attaching the ceiling chains.   Another option is choosing some thick rope to match the outdoor feel instead of a chain.  And add some custom colorful cushion & pillows will complete this restful seating / napping location on a back porch.

       Picture shows the right end of the "Flying Bed"

This stain allows the wood grain to show thru.  Again the stainless steel attachments really stand out against this color.  The mattress will not cover the right end of this swing and allows a tray of refreshments to complement the look for a relaxing afternoon outside.  That way you can still see the beautiful stain, wood grain and unique seven-board design for the top deck.

It's time to deliver this and see happy faces.  "Let's go sit outside, I'll race you to the swing."

Picture taken with some burlap coffee bags from Brazil & Costa Rica.  Good contrast with materials & colors.

More pictures coming soon from the destination home back porch showing off the custom cushion & colorful
pillows.  A good place to relax after too much turkey.  This flying bed just says ... "Welcome Home."

These colors are just great & really add some contrast to the flying bed color.  The quicklinks & welded 3/8" eyebolts in each corner are marine grade #316 stainless steel and will handle 1000# each.  The four chains are all heavy duty 1/4" thick to complement the stainless steel hardware.  The colorful custom mattress is 2.5" thick, 32" wide and 70" long.  See the extra room on the right end of the deck for a book or Kindle, tray of refreshments and a simple docoration.  The ends of each deck board extend out so you can see the unique deck design as well as the grain of the cypress.    I can already see a nap time coming with a light blanket.  "Ready, Set, Relax" 

This restaurant is right on the Gulf of Mexico with lots of cool vintage surfing pictures.
I just delivered some custom painted tall cypress surfboard chairs for their front porch waiting area.

Lots of people were taking pictures sitting in the chairs.  Cool.

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