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Picture Gallery #2

This is my newest page.  It will contain a wide range of products including my new business banners.  See pictures at the bottom.  Some of these are actually real banners and some others are just my potential future banners under design construction.

This page also shows several stages as I build orders.  These are sample pictures that I send customers so they can see their custom order status up-to-date.  Customers have forwarded these picture to their friends and family so lots of complements here.  Also give the customer a chance for making suggested design or color changes during the building process.

To start this page, I have listed some new products and recent deliveries.

     Posted on January 2, 2012 ..... NEW PRODUCT DESIGN
               The new 2012 "Bayou" bar model

First picture of a new table design using "Pecky Cypress".
The cypress tree had a fungus as it was growing.  When
the tree was cut down, the fungus died leaving all of the
unique holes in the wood.  This table is still under design
considerations and will have a unique top along with 3
coats of Sikkens stain - cedar color.

I am also making a similar table design using recyled metal
roofing on the front and sides.

These tables can be custom made to work with your
backyard grill area as a bar, prep table, buffet table, etc.

The Pecky Cypress really stands out as a unique product.

  Second similar outside buffet table / bar / potting bench made
from "Pecky Cypress."  This one is left unstained so you can pick
the stain color.  Boards run vertical compared to above 
design where boards are wider and run horizontal.  Model #2

Visited with a metal vendor recently regarding making tops from
copper, stainless steel and galvanized metals.  The copper has a
lot of design options using acids, applying heat and others.

     Posted on February 21, 2012
  New 2012 "Bayou" model for the BEST SOUTHERN BARS collection.
   Hope to have this finished and stained ready by the end of March.
                                                 Model #3

     Posted on January 2, 2012 ..... SOLD
    All Cedar Outside Table for 32" TV inserted in top.
  Table will have Sikkens stain - 3 coats - see next pic.

     Posted on January 2, 2012
       32" TV sitting on custom shelf.  No stain yet.
                           See next picture.

     Posted on January 2, 2012
  Above TV table finished with 3rd coat of stain - cetol 1
                Could also be designed as a bar.

     Posted on January 2, 2012 ..... AVAILABLE
  100% Cedar table - Legs still have "rough-cut"
        on narrow faces for unique character. 
   Sikkens Stain - Cedar - Cetol 1 - four coats.
Multi-use table ... bar, buffet table, potting bench

     Posted on January 2, 2012
          Two Cape Cod Gray chairs with matching ottomans.
This delivery included four chairs and four ottomans and they now
           overlook the Santa Rosa Sound in Mary Esther, FL.

     Posted on January 2, 2011
 Two current surfboard chairs under production.  Both
chairs have custom paint colors.  The chair on the right
will have a fully painted pink surfboard on the right side ...
including a white stripe and zebra stripes.

New outdoor advertising banner (#1) ..... large (6' x 2.5')

New outdoor advertising banner (#2) ..... medium (4' x 2.5')

New outdoor advertising banner (#3) ..... large
This picture is from a professional sand sculpture contest at Navarre Beach, Florida.  The dragon shown had a great set of teeth but unfortunately I had to cut them out because there was a blue pail and shovel partially in the way.

New outdoor advertising banner (#4) ..... large
This picture is from the Battleship Park in Mobile, Alabama.  Great place to visit this ship, a submarine & numerous aircraft.

New outdoor advertising banner (#5) ..... large

New outdoor advertising banner (#6) ..... large

New outdoor advertising banner (#7) ..... large

Yard sign (#1) - for use at shows - Hurricane Evacuation Chair

 Banner #8 ... large

I've watched the America's Cup races on TV and they can be very exciting.  The graphics showing the postiions on the race course really give you the perspective of what boat is where at that time.   Who is taking a possible risky decision to win can cost a team everything.  Don't leave your seat - you may miss the magic of the tacticians.

Banner #9 ... Medium                    
These chairs look great on "any" beach.

Close-up picture of stained pecky cypress (sikkens - cedar color).  Deep
cuts were made from fungus while tree was growing and fungus died
when the tree was cut down.  Boards take on a great multi-colored
appearance when stained.

Close-up picture of unstained pecky cypress boards on above new table.

End view of new table design showing old metal roofing metal combined with pecky cypress (unstained).
When stained, the rusty metal will really stand out.

Sample pecky cypress stain colors - this is only first coat --- I will add
one or two coats to each table as ordered.  Colors in this order -----
Cape Cod Gray, Dark Oak, Ebony, Mahogany and Cedar.  Teak sample
was added after this picture.  Additional sample colors to be added.

Looking forward to another championship.  Welcome to the "Fan Cave" in Ft. Walton Beach,
          Florida.  I made this yard sign using one of my pecky cypress pictures above.
     You might see this sign in my shop or at a show if we meet in person.  Go Saints!!!

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