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Posted on May 26, 2011 ..... NEW Stain Color ..... Sikkens Stain - Cetol 1 (3 coats) - Ebony (black)
I just started using this on a sample piece of cypress and some of my surfboards.   Pictures of new surfboards shown below.     Got my first order for black chairs this past Summer and will post pictures by the end of October. 

FIRST SHIPPING ORDER ... on the way to a home in Wisconsin - see two pictures below.
      Posted on May 26, 2011
New Shipping Pallets - made from corrugated double-wall cardboard.
They hold a lot of weight and only weigh 9 pounds to reduce shipping
fees.  When you need to throw away, easy to do. Cut up or take apart. 
Most garbage companies will not pick-up wood pallets.  And HEAVY
wood pallets are dangerous with all the nails they use.

      Posted on May 26, 2011
My first official shipping order being picked up - going to Wisconsin!!!
This is just one of five boxes.  Two tall oval tables inside this box.

     Posted on Aug. 4, 2011
   New Paint design for tall surfboard chairs.  Surfboards can now be
    fully painted on both the front side and the back side.  Add some
           stripes and you have the coolest chairs on the beach.

     Posted on Aug. 4, 2011

  Backside of surfboard chair showing new painted surfboard design.
  Yellow surfboard with white stripe down the middle.   More painted
                   designs to come in August and September.

     Posted on April 15, 2011

Unique "Cookbook Holder" using recycled cedar and silverware.  This was
donated to a lucky winner at the 2011 March "Relish Cooking Show" held
at Sandestin Bayfront Wharf Convention Center.  I am constantly looking
for "special" silverware (or other ideas) to use in my "one of a kind"
cookbook holders.

             I finished another "Cookbook Holder" as a custom order.
                         See picture below - second one was stained.
     Posted on May 22, 2011
My newest "Cookbook Holder".  Made from recycled cedar and stained
three coats of Sikkens Stain - Cetol 1 (Cedar Color).   The unique and
stylish silverware was found in a Ft. Walton Beach, FL antique store.  
Made for a great  friend who is moving. 

          Posted on November 9, 2010
Coffee Table - top boards & lower shelf are cedar & framework is cypress.
           Stained with three coats of Sikkens "Butternut" - Cetol 1
         See kid's table below for painted table - same basic design.

          Posted on November 9, 2010 
    Kid's table - similar in design to above cedar/cypress coffee table.  
The top is pink / light green / pink to match chairs in Cool Kids Collection.
          Made completely from cypress - bottom is painted white.
    Posted on June 10, 2011
"GEEK OUT" .... The surf is up and you are stuck at the computer .....
so use these surfboards to get the most of really surfing (the internet)
from your desk computer.    Small on the left and medium on the right.

     Posted on June 10, 2011
My new stain color ... black ... looks great here on this medium size
surfboard with the famous "Fleur-Di-Lis" cutout.  I plan to put a piece of
copper on the back side ... "Go Saints" !!!

      Posted on Oct. 31, 2010
      Surfboards made out of cedar and cypress - 3 coats of stain
        Hang them on the wall, put your house numbers on them
           or hang them in your surfer 'man cave' or kids room.
      Posted on Oct. 31, 2010
                  Surfboards made from recycled fence boards.  
            Each has a Fleur-Di-Lis cut out with a semi-rusty piece
                     of recycled roofing metal on the backside. 
        Trying to do some more cuts-outs like this - send me ideas.

      Posted on Oct. 31, 2010
           Surfboards made from recycled wood including lap-siding.
                  See below for more surfboard designs for 2011.

   Posted on 9/28/10
        Planter Boxes - Sikkens Stain - Cetol 1 - 3 coats- Teak Color
     Large and small sizes.  Also listed under Destin Harbor Collection.

This may develop into other uses - storage box, cooler for drinks, toy box ... more ideas to come ...
I could also put a top on it with (and without)  hinges.

                    Posted on April 15, 2011
 "Sailboat Chairs"

        Posted on May 4, 2011 
Wood Surfboards (Medium Size) - approx. 26-27" long and 8" wide
Made from Bevel Moody Cedar Siding.  Stained and some have cut-outs
such as a flying bird (#2 & #3) , shark bite (#4) , funky star (#5), heart (#6)
and cross (#7).   Some of the cut-outs have a backing made from
recycled metal (star & heart) or stained wood (cross).

Hang in a kid's room, behind a bar, in a "Man Cave" or put house numbers
on the front and hang on the front fence or mailbox or front porch.

     Posted on May 4, 2011
Wooden Surfboards made from Bevel Moody Cedar Siding.  Each board
is approx. 39" x 11".   Stained various colors with cut-outs that include
a shark bite (#3) & Fleur-di-Lis (#4).  The Fleur-di-lis cut-out has recycled
metal behind the cut-out to add character to the whole surfboard.

     Posted on May 4, 2011
Wooden Surfboards (Small) - approx. 16" long x 7" wide.  All are
stained and some have cut-outs. The one on the left is stained two
different colors.  The one on the right has a cross.

     Posted on May 4, 2011

    A pair of wooden surfboards at sun-up.  Each has a bird cut-out, one
                       flying to the right and one flying to the left. 
               I made the two birds at different heights on purpose.

     Posted on June 10, 2011
A pair of look-a-like surfboards, small and medium sizes.  The left side
is stained mahogany and the right side is my new color ... black.

   Posted on October 10, 2011
    Multi-Use Table - Entirely made from cedar

Use inside or outside - three coats of Sikkens cedar stain.   Ideas for use include buffet table, potting table, bar, cook-out prep station, accent table for porch, or whatever.   The vertical posts were made from true roughcut 2 x 4's.  I left the front and back rough and planed the larger faces.  It gave the table a neat character.  The upper table 7 board fan shape was designed to mimic the sawgrass in the background.  I have a larger version of this table designed and almost finished.

Picture Gallery #1
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